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Pics of Sub Boxes

Here is mine(when it was in the Blazer, I'll get some new ones of it in the Exploder.)
15" Digital Designs 3515D
Rockford Fosgate 1000a2 amp bridged sub/?action=view&current=subwoofermovie.flv sub/?action=view&current=newmovie.flv sub/?action=view&current=systemmovie.flv




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heres mine i fiberglassed to fit behind the third row since i use it pretty often. Its just an old school rockford right now but in a few days im gonna be putting an Alpine Type R in its place. It running off a 500 watt Alpine Vpower model.

and sorry about the crappy photo it was from my phone


heres the amp rack on it


heres my simple setup... i love it !!!!!!!!


Finally got mine done....

Check out my sig. for more pics of the process....



Those are 2 Kenwood 12"s.....too bad the pic doesn't have sound, sounds so good.

crappy blackberry pics will get some more up and try to get a vid.



I dont think ive posted mine yet, so here goes it.
first, my big ugly box, i really need to paint or cover it.

Here is wheremy cargo net used to be, now a hidden pocket for my amp with this cover i made

and inside resides my MTX81000D, friggin love this amp.

Here is a vid of my setup. check it out

Not custom but my Boston Acoustics SPG555 Reference sub in my '04 XLT. The fabric on teh Q-Logic box blends nicely with the truck's interior:


the box was for two ten inch subs so i thought it would be funny and try and blow the box apart with the twelves i had sitting around. they ended up sounding better and after a little mods done to the box they hit harder than they did before in the back of my crx in a costom made box

This was the system I built for my 98 Eddie. I never did complete the whole project, but sure got close... All Boston Speakers and all Alpine amps and Electronics...


started off with this:

then moved on to two of those:

then i wanted to step my game up from the stinky kickers to:

4 15" fully loaded Fi BTL's. off of 2 Sundown 3000D amps. the plan was to get 2 more amps, but ended up selling them
here's a vid of that one
sub up, port back. tiny port. sounded nice, but i ended up rebuilding with a lil more than twice the port area i think to:

nice lil wood grain action going on there. wanted to step my game up again and do something unique, so i bought these:



32 8" Sundown E8's powered by two SAZ 3000D's. the box for those went through a couple phases as well.

first one, sounded decent. had some defects in the products (user error being part of it :D) so i sent them back and did a rebuild in the meantime to this:



i eventually sold those as well. fun setup. lots of wow factor. the looks on peoples faces lol. currently i'm running this:

(notice the full grown cat on the sub...sike! :D) 2 18" Sundown Nightshades off of 2 SAZ-3500D's @ .5 ohms. 8 cubes net with 130 sq inches of port. no current pics...but i may go take some. i need to anyways

Here's mine

2 15" Memphis.. only running a USamps md3d 2000 Rms amp for the time being. They pound.

tell me what ya think oh and heres the deck.

heres the truck

(1) 18" Ascendant Audio Mayhem, 8cf box before displacement tuned to about 30.5hz
(1) Hifonics XXV COLOSSUS amp
(6) panasonic batteries
(2) Runs of 3/0 welding cable

146.7db sealed on a TL at the dash on music.
Song played was DJ DRAMA-Love For Money [feat.Trey Songz, Willie The Kid, Gucci Mane, LÀ The Darkman, Yung Joc, Bun B & Flo Rida ]




Stereo Integrity Mag 15's, box is 7cf tuned to 30hz



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