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Pics - Shiloh Ridge - 05/02/2004


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January 5, 2001
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Randall and I went up to Shiloh Ridge to give his new tranny and tcase a workout. :D

Here's a pic of this Atlas II with driveline parking brake and new tough skidplate.


Going down the muddy trail headin towards the rock garden. Randall's tires start to look like big chocolate donuts. :D
In the first two shots he is trying to avoid getting stuck in a big swallowing ditch/hole.


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Well that was just a teaser! Wheres the rest of the pics?

The Rock Garden



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Tarzan antics!


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My evil Demon4x4 Master!


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We were supposed to be heading back to the front of the OHV park in order to get some more air for Randall's passenger side tires and get some lunch.
So, I'm heading up the main trail back to the front from where we are at.
But, I don't see Randall behind me. I call him on the CB. He said he was stuck in a mud hole. So, I throw it in reverse to head back to where he was. I get about about halfway back on this stretch of trial before I slid into the ditch. Taking a quick look at the ditch in front and behind me, I'm thinking I'm gonna need Randall's help to get me out.
So, I grab my camera to run back to where he is at and see how bad he is stuck.
Luckily, he worked his way out of it. As I was running up, I could see how deep he got, but didn't get a pic of him in the hole.

This first pic is him going around the hole after getting out of it. The hole is to the left of his truck.
The other two pics are of me stuck in the ditch.

I tried to drive out of the ditch by turning into it, but it was just too slick.
The ditch before and after my truck got pretty deep.

Randall, was ready to get his rig to pull me out. But, I told him to hold off, I had an idea of how to get out. I was gonna see if I could stradle the ditch going forward.

It was working! :bounce:

Until as Randall described it, the ground on the right side gave out on me. :shoot:

Well, at least we had made it past a really deep part of the ditch.
So, I let the wife take the reins and drive the truck the rest of the way out of the ditch.

What's better than having one broken mirror?? (I broke the driver's side mirror the previous weekend at Gilmer)

How about two!

After duck taping my passenger mirror and Randall put some more air in his tires and we had some lunch.

It was time for the girls to model for some nice 49" Super Swamper IROKs.
Nice tires! :eek:

Geez, playing in the ditches really heated up my tranny.

Time to go hit some trails in the forest.

It's all about wheel speed Randall! Go man Go!

I guess my tranny wasn't cool enough yet.

So I had to stick it in some water. :rolleyes:

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Damn, I've got a good roof that can support my 220lbs. And it sure helps to have a power moonroof to get in and out of the cab in these situations. :D

Time for Randall to pull me out. Or shall we say, do several had bumps to get me out. Thanks Randall! :thumbsup: