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Pics - Shiloh Ridge - 05/02/2004

Man, am I glad I didn't rollover in the little mud puddle. That would have sucked.

Here's the drip, drip, and pee shots!

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Johnstone said:
Damn, I've got a good roof that can support my 220lbs. And it sure helps to have a power moonroof to get in and out of the cab in these situations. :D

Time for Randall to pull me out. Or shall we say, do several had bumps to get me out. Thanks Randall! :thumbsup:

Yeah, I would have used the winch, but I forgot the winch controller at Kris' house :/

Mudd***** said:
Yeah, I would have used the winch, but I forgot the winch controller at Kris' house :/
But, we still managed. :thumbsup:
Not bad for a really slippery and gooey environment.

That's it for the photos I was gonna post here.

Rick, if you are reading this. You may have thought you were doing some muddy trails at Gilmer, but Gilmer doesn't compare to what you can run into at Shiloh Ridge.

Lol, This guy is riding an 18 wheeler mudd flap, being slung around by his buddie, I have video of hin also standing on it like a surf board!

Only in Texas



Lil bigger


Hot chicks with big trucks :thumbsup:

It looks like John is going to have to make some rock sliders for his mirrors. I hope Randals tranny and Tcase work allright.

Good pics, thanks for sharing.

Yeah, those were awesome, the second water pic is now my background :D