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Picture Request**


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February 25, 2002
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I spent 2 hours searching, going through countless links in peoples signatures that state they are on 31s and I still came up short.

What I am looking for is a picture of your explorer from straight on or straight behind so I can see your 31s and the stance of your explorer. The reason for this pic is because I dont know how much backspace I want to get, Ideally I want the tires to stick out from the truck maybe an inch to give it that rugged wide tough look as opposed to just taller and skinny still, and also I need you to tell me how much backspacing you have so I can compare.

I know the stock is 3.75 (I think) and that makin it stick out strains the front end more(learned that searching :p ) but any pics would be appreciated.

ALSO, If you have a black 2nd gen on eagle 058s, or MT classic 2s or any other rims that look like that I would GREATLY appreciate a link to your pics, I found a few searching but they more the marrier, thanks guys!

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Take a look at my thread......
My 31" Pro-Comp AT's and new rims too! (Death to 56K)
and here may be a few pics that are not in that thread. close as I have to straight on I guess.

Really those are too close for you to see how much they stick out.
but anyway,
I have 3.25 backspacing on 15X8 rim. if you can't tell from the pics, the tires stick out maybe an inch.
You should know that stock BS is 4.5, not 3.75 like you had mentioned.
3.75 is probably what you want, it's what most people get.
Hope that helps you a little bit. :thumbsup:

I run 31's with a T-bar twist and 1 1/2" lift springs. No straight on photos at this time. Interco makes a couple Super Swampers in 31x12.5-15 if you want wide tires.

Don't mind my dad :p


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section how wide are your tires and whats the bs on the wheels?

Those were 31x10.50s on stocker 5x7s. 4" backspacing I think?

hey slravene what is the bs on ur wheels?

3.75 Black Steelies

appreciate the pics guys. dont suppose there is any in line with the side of the truck from front or back? to get a sense of the backspacing?

good looking trucks too everyone.

sorry bud, this is the best I got, you can kinda tell they stick out a little past my rubbermaid fenders, if your truck doesn't have these then it'll stick out more for you, so you have to take that into consideration.
You can see in the last pic where I had to trim a little so they don't rub.




Remember that these wheels have 3.25 BS.