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Pictures of Mods...if anyone was thinking of doing these...


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December 23, 2008
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West Friendship, MD
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2006 Explorer XLT

Hey everyone:

I've done some recent mods and just wanted to post some pix incase anyone was unsure of whether or not they like the look or not.

Ive got the chrome bull-bar with offroad lights on the front.
Also ordered the aftermarket ironman headlights and put them on.

Also I need a vote. I have the spare on the back because of a recent makeout session with a curb. The last pic shows the cracked rim. So with the picture of the stock rims and the black steel rim, which do you think looks better. The stock one or a little bit "fancier" all black rim?


Front (stock lights, lights on):


Front with Ironman lights and bull bar:


Individual pix of Lights (sorry, I was wearing red sweatshirt):



Side Views (one stock rim, one black):


Front Rim after Kiss with Curb:


Rear Rim (tough to see crack in first pic):



Well thats all I have for now. Soon will be the Blacked-out tint (hopefully).

Also some un-seen mods:

Viper remotestart/alarm
Flowmaster 40 Muffler
Chrome Exhaust Tip
K&N Filter

Again..please let me rims or stock? or even chrome (not for me)

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ditch the tornado before it comes apart and destroys your engine :)

nice pics!

Ya. Im ready to say bye to the tornado. Im gonna get a new intake and trash the whole thing soon. But ill prolly get that tornado out before it starts breaking up.

I only stuck it in cuz I had one laying around for an explorer...just to try it. Didnt do a thing.

Just an opinion but I think the stock rims look better on this truck. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad with all black... If you want, put two on the same side and get a distance pic of that compared to two stocks and distance pic. In the pic above, the black one looks like one of those silly mini-spares

Ya. Well that black is the spare stuck on there.

I was thinking somethin nicer, probably a little bigger, with polished black. If I find some cheap ill put em on and post pics, see what everyone thinks.

IMO it looks better with the stock wheel, rather than a black one, because of your SS push bar, if the push bar was black I think the black rims would look better
Very nice looking truck BTW!


It seems everyone likes the stock rims, or at least stay with the alloy/chrome theme.

I love the bull bar but the chrome exhaust tip is alittle cheesy. Just my .02.

Oh holy crap, you have a rack on your wheel! Oh wait, you're from MD, that explains it :wavey:

Looking good! :thumbsup:
I wouldn't ride on that cracked rim. And as much as Ford wants for one rim, you can buy two aftermarket ones, so may want to shop for some new ones!

Ya. That rim is sitting in my garage.

I wouldnt ride on it.

I want to replace the muffler piping, to get rid of the chrome tip. But the end of the pipe is so messed up the chrome tip looks nicer.

if the rims were like more of a glossy black 5 spoke type like the stock rims it would look awesome, but whats a tornadoe?

Ya. I was almost to the point of just painting the stock rims.

The tornado is some POS metal piece u stick in your air intake to "swirl the air" and improve HP/mpg. Doesnt work worth a hoot.

oo doesnt sound like it would do anything really lol, but yea i mean id sand the rims down then put a few coats of some nice glossy black and then top coats, but take the ford badge off then put it on when yr done that would look badass

i have a 92, ive been wanting like the new explorer rims, even the alloy ones like you have would look great on it

Ya. But i really want some bigger rims. the 16" stocks are way too small. Sicne im getting bigger tires next year anyway.

haha yea i most deff. would agree with you on that i think i even have 15's as sad as that is to say lol

Ya. Mine will be offroad soon too, those little tires arent gonna do the trick. Prolly some 18's with 33's maybe. Not sure yet.

Im just an 18-year-old college kid now. haha

yeah i hear you on that, im a 16 year old high schooler, just starting my first job here in the next week, ive already done my audio/video, now im workin on the performace and looks lol exhaust is my #1 thing i need to replace, then im gonna do the wheels and tires

Ya. I would love to put dual on this explorer but the spare tire is in the way. It would take a hell-a lotta work.

Ive been workign full-time and going to school to pay for this thing. Gotta pay it off soon.

But theres so much I want to do to it.

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yeah im hopin to finally be able to buy somethin new maybe next year, but then again id love to buy an older mustang or somethin and slowly fix it up so who knows