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Picutres Of Exhaust


May 12, 2008
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'03 Eddie Bauer
I was wondering if anyone who recently did from the catback could post pictures of their exhaust systems. If someone whiched up their cats a picture of those would be appreciated

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doesn't help much but i always thought it was a badass picture... haha check my signature for the numbers


1999 SOHC Catback 2.5 Inch Dual In Single Out MAGNAFLOW

Here are some


  • my new exhaust 05-23-08 001.jpg
    my new exhaust 05-23-08 001.jpg
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  • my new exhaust 05-23-08 002.jpg
    my new exhaust 05-23-08 002.jpg
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  • my new exhaust 05-23-08 003.jpg
    my new exhaust 05-23-08 003.jpg
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  • my new exhaust 05-23-08 004.jpg
    my new exhaust 05-23-08 004.jpg
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IGNORE MY FILTHY TRUCK. Just had rain and tornados here


  • my new exhaust 05-23-08 006.jpg
    my new exhaust 05-23-08 006.jpg
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  • my new exhaust 05-23-08 007.jpg
    my new exhaust 05-23-08 007.jpg
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fm 50 series 2 in 2 out custom

sounds real good. i had a 2 in 1 out before. this sounds way better


  • DSCF0516a.jpg
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  • DSCF0515a.jpg
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that exhaust looks great--straight and even too. u have any undercarriage pics? what brand of tips are those?

i dont mean to hijack, bur dose anyone know of any place that makes a bolt on kit for a 95 and up sport?


thx man. the tips are Ractive ovals. i will try to guide through the pix :

first one is looking fwd (easy to see)

second is 2.5 pipes over the small torque shock absorber deal

third is the left pipe going over the differential

fourth is left side exit to tip


  • truck 004.jpg
    truck 004.jpg
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  • truck 006.jpg
    truck 006.jpg
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  • truck 008.jpg
    truck 008.jpg
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  • truck 007.jpg
    truck 007.jpg
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and 2 more pics

another of both pipes over diff, and another angled view of truck from rear


  • truck 009.jpg
    truck 009.jpg
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  • truck 002.jpg
    truck 002.jpg
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Thanks! Very Nice Job! Before I purchased the Flowmaster Catback I really wanted duals. Couldnt find anyone willing to do it for an affordable price. Also cant stand seeing crappy installs where the pipes are crooked, not even etc and didnt know who to take it to. Pretty happy with the Flowmaster Catback but nothing beats the look of a quality dual exhaust.
One other question, what is that shock absorber thing for? I dont have that on my 95 Sport or I have never seen it.

not sure if Flowmaster still makes it but I have a bolt on kit for my 1995 Sport. Its called a Flowmaster Force II catback. I think I bought it from Summit years ago. It utilizes a Flowmaster 50 SUV series muffler and mandrel bent exhaust pipe. you might want to check Flowmaster website to see if they are still available.


this was nice work, with J hooks for all the hangers, fully painted. the bends with the 2.5" pipes are so tight in places i cant believe it doesnt rattle. this guy really really took his time. i was very impressed. he put heat shield on the fuel lines too. only thing is was that i paid 500 bux haha, so it wasnt very affordable. but i had to have em !

i did a write up on them they are in turnersville nj. called integrity automotive.

the shock thing is connected from the frame to the rear diff. i think it sort of keeps any twisting / torque action from being a problem