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PIE FRDN-AUX in a 2002 Explorer


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November 29, 2005
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Wheaton, IL
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2002 XLT
I'm going to attempt to install the PIE FRDN-AUX in the wife's 2002 Explorer. The radio is the 6CD model, series 815. I continue to see conflicting posts as to whether or not the PIE will work for this make/model of vehicle. I'm going to give it a try anyway. I hate FM modulation that much.

From what I've read there are 2 ways to obtain power for the PIE. One way is to t-tap into the radio's power and the other way is to install a fuse tap.

I've read the various posts from those that have installed a PIE. I have examined the pictures extensively (pictures are truly great). I have a few questions regarding each method:

T-taps: According to www.installdr.com the ignition wire for 1999 (and newer) as near as I can tell is pin "O". What gauge is the radio's power wire?

Fuse taps: I've read that you should always install a fuse tap to the hot side of the fuse. How do you determine which side is hot? I assume you can use a multimeter to do this but I'm an electronics noob and my limited experience with a multimeter has been to test continuity only.

Any and all help will be appeciated and thanks in advance.