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pin stripe removed: write up & pics

removed the pinstripe... I finially got off my lazy arse to write this thing up. Excuse the darkness of the pictures, for some reason when CVS put the pics on a disk they turned them really dark. I figured I'd do a small writeup incase anyone was interested.

Weapons of choice:
Extension cord

Alrighty, on a nice warm day...


start off by heating up the stripe and then using your fingernails to get the start of it off.


to remove I just kept pulling, heating the pinstripe that was still on the ex. DO NOT OVERHEAT it... this causes it to break often as you're pulling it. I was going ~1-2 in/sec.


ok enough of this writeup hoopla - here are before/after pics. Whole thing took about 20 minutes.











Here is the ratsnest I was left with when I was done.

Removing the pinstripe revealed a ridge in the bodywork, which I think looks really really really good uncovered. I found a very small dent that had been covered up by the pinstripe, but oh well. I havn't washed the beast since I removed the stripe, so I dont know if the current color differences where the stripe was are permanent . Trim/bumpers are getting painted in about a week when my friend gets back from FL and I can use his garage... so look for pics soon.

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Here are before after pics that were photoshopped...



Here is what it should look like in a week or so...


good wright up man....and great

without definetly, i "started" by having my arm ou the window and peeling with my fingers, also i prob. will take the moulding off mine this year

I'm not sure why but in this shot of your X at night:

I really think it looks better WITH the pinstripe on and thats the first time I've ever said that for any Explorer. It's strange, but it almost seems too "plain" without it on. I dont know. Overall I like your truck no matter what!

Less is more, man! Keep it up! :D

Yeah man.
I yanked the pin stripes off my Ex first week I had it.

Took off the body side mouldings today.

btw, love the wheels

it looks great man! needs to get down a little more, but the truck is looking so much better than even a few months ago.

What did you do around the taillights?

im sorry but i think it look's better with the pin strip..that's why im not gettin rid of mine

BTW..where did you get the tail cover's????

i can answer that- i made those (even though i did paint them the wrong color for him -sorry about that again)

they are covers that are custom cut then painted body color, and the tail lights are painted with testors translucent candy apple red.

i'm in the process of painting another set of tails right now actually.

Looks great, I really need to remove my pinstripe, especially after the custom paint...keep it up!

EXRob: I agree, it does look good with the pinstripe on, however you'd have to see my ex first hand to notice that it looks a lot more 'elegant' without the stripes. Classy might even be the word. The pictures dont do justice. Once I can get my hands on a digi cam, you'll see =P Also, the pinstripe looks blackish in the picture, but it has maroon in it, which doesn't really go with anything.

expo5.0: I agree, it needs to be dropped... I have BlackBox's 2" blocks sitting here waiting to be installed. However, lacking a garage in the weather we have had as of late, and having pnuemonia - I havn't been able to put them on... waiting for my friend from FL to come back home and can use his garage (one of his SIX!!!).

Right now, my ex is probably going in the shop for a week (on monday)to get the front diff repaired, which means I wont have access to it... I think I'm going to take the bumpers off before I drop it off and try and paint those. I'm just worried about running out of paint. Because I still have to paint the trim. I might be able to bargain with the guy at the shop to let me put the blocks in while it is just sitting there, but w/ all the insurence and whatnot, I'm doubting they will let me in the garage part.

For all of you people who have garages...:mattmoon:

sorry about ranting about garages... I just really really want one =P You can ask hokie how much I complained about it while we were installing my remote start...... which he LOVED installing:D (pics soon)

I have a nice garage down here in fredericksburg if you would like to make the trip. :) I will even help too, Just thought I would offer.

whats your zipcode? I might take you up on that offer =P

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'bout an hour... I might take you up on that offer depending on what happens w/ the shop and if they allow me to do some work while it is in there... thanks for offering though...