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pinch bolt on steering knuckle


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August 24, 2001
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What is the size for the pinch bolt on the steering knuckle,I am in the middle of changing out my ball joints,and i am working on the upper ball joint,and i cannot get that pinch bolt out.Any ideas?Thanks Brad in Iowa

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It may be a 12mm. I know that it is metric but I can't recall the exact size.

Do i really need to remove this bolt to get the ball joint out?

It would be nice if you could get it out...spray some penetrating oil on it. I don't think it's absolutley necessary because what mainly holds everything is the bolt on the bottom ball-joint. You may just have to pound the knuckle a little harder with the pinch bolt still in place.

Thanks i will try that in the morning

12mm, 12 point socket.

Thanks alot guys,i have it all apart,I am going to take it to work tonight and beat out the old ball joints,and change the ujoint in the steering knuclke,and then find a shop to press the ball joints back in.thanks again brad in iowa