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Pinout diagram for 6 CD radio


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March 21, 2013
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06 Explorer XLT 4.6
Does anybody have a pinout diagram for the 6 CD Radio? 2002 explorer. no subwoofer, no rear controls, no rear entertainment. I wanted to see if there is a way to hook up a 3.5mm jack to the cd changer input on the back of the unit. I know there is 2 inputs on the back (one for main hookup and one for external cd changer i believe) A member on a mazda forum did a similar thing. He grounded the aux pin and hooked up his signal to the input pins and had a functional input on his stereo. I know I can purchase a FRDN-AUX but for 100 bucks I can buy a better stereo with aux inputs built into it. I'm just experimenting ATM and wanted to see if there was an inexpensive way to hookup an aux jack.
I appreciate any feedback.

Welcome aboard!! :salute:

Check your PM! I have send the connector pinouts from my shop wiring diagrams.