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Pinstripe removed, now clearcoat problems...

Ok... a few days ago I removed my pinstripe, only to find that in certain places there is simply bare paint. My question is... is it possible to have a shop simply peel off the clearcoat and re-apply it, or do I have to have the whole car painted again ($$$$$). In addition, under the rear passenger doorhandle, on the passenger A-pillar, and covering the hood, the clearcoat is simply cracking and chipping away.

I'll post some pics tomorrow to give a better idea. I'm pretty disgusted with the quality of this factory paint job... a 97' certainly should be holding together better than this :rolleyes: I've seen 1st gens that look better around town with twice as many miles! What gives?!

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Shops cannot just remove the clearcoat and leave the basecoat there. You're probably going to have to have some things repainted.

Ford certainly isn't known for quality paintjobs. I've been lucky with mine, it's in pretty good shape.

If you are sure it's just the clear a good body shop should be able to clean it up and re-shoot it with clear again. There is no reason they would have to re-paint the pieces in question.

Well yes and no.
They won't REMOVE the clear coat, but just sand it and reclear it.
Unless the clear is that far gone.
Now if you are having the crows feet and spiderwebbing that is so common in these trucks.
Stripping is the only solution.
Sorry to say.

Do you have a garage? I think most first gens that still have good paint are mostly left in the garage or at night

I got some spiderwebs on my roof... Since they arn't very visible I was just going to sand down the area, prime it and paint... it won't look the best, but it's cheap.

Did you have a noticable difference between the areas that were under the pinstripe and the rest of the body? If so, how you plan to get rid of 'em? I know it is a different color(brighter) where my pinstripe was... I plan on taking a clay bar to it whenever it decides to get warm, I dont know if that will fix it all tho.

i got lucky, i took mine off the other weekend and all seems to be good so far. i ahve not had the chance to wash it and really see waht is going on with it yet but we shal see. when it gets warm i was going to clay bar it and wax the crap outta it. i got luck my truck sat in the garage every day when not being driven till this summer when i bought it.

Yeah the hood is spiderwebbed, and its starting to spread to the roof, so I was going to have that re-sprayed anyways. Under the pinstripe actually isn't a different color so I got lucky on that aspect. My problem is that it looks like at the factory they put the pinstriping on too soon after clearcoating the paint, and in some areas the striping got pushed into the clear and now bare paint is showing.

I've been lucky in that other than the hood, the paint (dark green and tan) is holding on and looks pretty good, since I do keep the car in a garage for the 2 1/2 years I've owned it. Before then I'm not sure, but I'm going to hazard a guess that this paint slept under the stars a lot.

when i removed the pinstripe on my 92 i ran into the same problem. it sucked...i just ended up buying some more pinstripe and putting it back on over it. not what i wanted but it was the cheapest solution