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Pioneer amp


July 19, 2005
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Welland, Canada
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1998 XLT
I recently had a amp and a sub donated to me!

My question is the sub I know can handle 150 Watt 4 ohms rms 300 Watt Max

the Amp puts out 100w x2 rms 300w max at 4 ohms and 300w rms bridged and 600w max!

I only have one sub and Its a two channel amp. If i bridge the amp to run the one sub i will probably blow it.

Is it possible to run an amp with only a sub connected to one channel. say the left channel? Or will that cook the amp?


you could run it either way, no damage to the amp will be done, however i would run it bridge mono the reason being that it is better to have more power at the amp end because any decent quality speaker can handle momentary loads above it's max rating. furthermore if you run it dual channel (one channel unused) tha amp max rating is the same as your subs, so when the amp hits its max output and starts clipping it passes this on to your sub which doesn't like it.

basically when your amp clips it makes the sub stand still for that brief period of time which then heats up the magnets (transducers) in the woofer, heat these up enough and they detach from the woofer cone on all but the highest grade woofers.

now you still don't want to run the amp to it's max power but this gives you more "headroom" to play with

The only problem I can see right off is if you have a sub that is lower than 4 ohm.

Awesome thanks for the help!

Turns out the amp is already fried! I opened it up and one of the transistors is completely melted and the board is cracked in half! this amp must of been droped or something and it shorted out.