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Pioneer DEH-P7700MP Install ??? Strange

July 22, 2007
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96 XLT
Hi, I have a 1996 explorer factory tape deck so my wife bought a Metra wiring harness and Pioneer DEH-P7700MP radio. Wired everything (Plug adapter to radio) so i remove factory radio/ I plug in new radio harness plug to factory plugs and I have power But no sound. Checked balance and verified if i connect radio directly to speaker it works. So I remove door panels and check speaker wire colors and I have different color speaker wires at the radio plug. That got me. I bought the truck new So i know nobody has been in there. Is there a place where the colors of the speaker wires change for some reason. I would really Appreciate any help I really dont want to run all new speaker wires. I have a speaker in each door (4 Door) Thank You I can post exactly what the colors are at radio and at speakers if you want.

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do you have any upgraded sound system from the factory? If you do you have to find the remote wire for the stock amp to turn on with your stereo.

Sorry not familiar with those gen. explorers, but its a common problem with alot of vechiles

No, Its just factory without upgraded sound system.

Take a look at the factory wiring harness and see if you have a blue wire. If so take a look to see if it gets connected through the rest of the connections. If it doesnt, then attach a switched 12v source to it (most likely from the stereo)

if this doesnt work check you wires (factory) with the metra harness and see if everything is correct.
Constant 12V+ Green/Purple
Switched 12V+ Yellow/Black
Ground Black/Light Green
Illumination Light Blue/Red
Dimmer n/a
Amplifier Remote Blue
Left Front (+) Orange/Light Green
Left Front (-) Light Blue/White
Right Front (+) White/Light Green
Right Front (-) Dark Green/Orange
Left Rear (+) Gray/Light Blue
Left Rear (-) Tan/Yellow
Right Rear (+) Orange/Red
Right Rear (-) Brown/Pink

Thanks Ill check that. The wiring is correct for the plug. 100 % sure of that. My speaker wires at speakers are same as you posted but at Radio plug they are
white/red stripe
light brown
purple/white stripe
light blue
blue/black stripe
white/orange stripe
light green
Thats where im messed up. They should match speaker wire colors

OK The speaker wires on the Metra harness and the Pioneer harness should all be the same.

The pioneer harness should read as follows
Yellow - 12v
Yellow/Black - Cell (audio Mute)
Red - 12v switched
Orange/White - Illumnatio
Black - Ground
FL Speaker (+) - White
FL Speaker (-) - White/Black
RL Speaker (+) - Green
RL Speaker (-) - Green/Black
FR Speaker (+) - Gray
FR Speaker (-) - Gray/Black
RR Speaker (+) - Violet
RR Speaker (-) - Violet/Black
Blue/Whtie - 12v Remote (output)

Now the Metra harness, im not sure if that has the Blue/White wire For remote, but if it doesnt than that wire (from the Pioneer harness) should get connected to the Blue Wire on the Factory harness.

Now if this doesnt work, try taking some pictures so i can take a look at what you have

u need to connect the factory remote wire on the wiring harness your wife bought it should say facotry amp remote

Hi, Thanks Playtilithrtz I connected the blue wire to ignition switch hot and everything is working. So does that mean i have a factory amp. Agian I want to thank you for your help.

Hi, Thanks Playtilithrtz I connected the blue wire to ignition switch hot and everything is working. So does that mean i have a factory amp. Agian I want to thank you for your help.

yes most likely you do. but you should connect that wire to the stereo remote, to be one the same side because of the current that the ingintion harness carries.

So connect the blue wire to the remote wire from radio harness.

yes and you should be good.

Hi, Thanks agian for all your help. I really appreciate it. Everything is working great. Thanks:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

what if i wanna install my own amp? do i just piggie back the factory amp wire? meaning all 3 amp wires together?