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Pismo Beach '08 Part 1

Alright so lets see that 4runner Justin!

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hey guys, haven't been on the site since the trip. i took a few picks and they're loaded onto the computer at jim's house, but his internet's not working :rolleyes:

can't wait for part duex, it's gonna be great and this trip just made me look forward to it even more.

the trip was bi-polar, horrible and then great! started off with me and justin sleeping in a bit, and then driving up to the beautiful beach of pismo. we found lifguard (tim and his girl sarah) and got stuck a few feet away from camp :rolleyes: oncew we got out of the car we noticed the wind was about 100MPH and it was cold and we didn't bring any jackets. oh well we set up our tent and through everything in it and headed out for a run. had fun for a good 20 minutes. saw some friends we new on dezertrangers and then noticed a clunking sound. found that a u-joint lost a cap so it was 2wd for the resto of the trip. maybe ten minutes later we got stuck up on a hill that tim couldn't get up, so we "tried" putting it in 4x4 to get unstuck and ended up breaking the axle and a hub :( tim had to charge the hill hard and came rescued us :thumbsup: winds were ridiculous and sand was out of control! i think the wind was at least as band if not worse than the truck haven redemption run :eek: after we replaced the hub, me and justin went and met up with some of the dezertranger guys we knew and had some 2wd fun. that part of the trip was alot of fun cause we didn't get stuck too much and there was a really built 4wd tundra to pull us out if we got stuck. so we did a lot of bowls, burms, drifting etc. but eventualy i broke my rear shock mounts again :o bummer bummer. me and justin decided to head home that night because the car was pretty broke and the guy justin was trying to get ahold of that was selling a 4runner never answered his phone. us and lifeguard went into town to escape the wind and somehow me and justin east a whole x-large pizza. when we came back to camp it was like a completely different atmosphere. the wind was gone, it wasn't to cold, it was calm and peaceful and justin got ahold of the 4runner guy. so we decided to stay the night and justin bought his 86 sas 4runner and the trip actually turned out pretty good :thumbsup:

so i really think the trip turned out fun, i really liked it at the end. although me and tim must have gotten stuck a million times, in camp! (not to mention justin never got stuck and he had full tire pressure) the begining bummed me a bit, but camping out at the beach was fun. Tim and Sarah were real nice and made the trip turn out nice.

Tim, thanks for bein cool, bringing firewood and lettin me cook up some pasta! good luck with the little guy on the way.
thank you!
and any time. we had more then enugh food to share lol.
lol talk about stuck at camp. i got stuck agen after you guys left lol. once i get that hub fixed i need some lockers.

just urs its a p o s


mine's a mazda :p: hahahahahahaha

Alright so lets see that 4runner Justin!

i'll be at jim's tomorrow and try to upload picks. busy day tomorrow. replace lower intake manifold gasket, get new axle from junkyard and replace axle, fix shock mount and shorten up limit straps some more :rolleyes:

sas 4runner


who's that walking like a *** in hte background? haha

how was the ride home with out the shocks?

how was the ride home with out the shocks?

really good. its actually really smooht without rear shocks, it just gets bouncy off-road. we ran it around in pismo without the rear shocks and it drove way better than i thought it would. and the drive home was great. cruisin the 101 along the beach on one side, the hills on hte other. windows down and the tunes cranked. good drive

fixed crappy idle. shop said it was the lower intake manifold gasket. sprayed around with some carb cleaner and noticed the plug on hte vacuum cluster was missing. so put a cap on the vacuum port and the idle is fixed :thumbsup:

also fixed the shock mounts and got a new axle shaft from the junkyard, just need a u-joint

nope. internet hasn't worked since last friday and the only computer with internet that i can go on is this one....at the office :rolleyes:

at&t says the internet should be working by 8 tonight

where's the part duex thread?

why are spicer u-joints so hard to find?

...Maybe we could do Pismo beach 1 1/2 if Lifeguard379 and Mounty71 can make it in July???

that sucks you have to wait around for that, and you prob still have to pay the same amount for something that doesn't work. lol lame. i always hated that.:confused:

i would love to go again but i am going to Disney world in July:bounce:
and i don't think funds will allow it :(

...Maybe we could do Pismo beach 1 1/2 if Lifeguard379 and Mounty71 can make it in July???

What's with the 1 1/2? Whatever it's called though, i'm in! Just gotta decide which truck to bring. :scratch:

i say lets move pismo 1-1/2 back a lil furhter, or maybe we'll have a pismo 2 and ill just go to that one. cause i think time and money is all scheduled for my july, although it would be a cool birthday to have in pismo :dpchug:

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...Well, we still got a possible Big Bear Run in the middle of july which is closer to home, but may be inpractical for most due to work and gas getting so ridiculous...:dunno:...Just my thinking but gas is putting the nix on my wheeling this summer since I spend a lot on gas for my jobs..:(
...If I am going anywhere this summer, it's got to be Pismo...:D