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Pitman Arm Comparison


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October 4, 2006
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I have been searching for a good deal for a Skyjacker FA600 pitman arm for a long time and finally found one that a fellow forum member was able to sell to me at a great price.

When I decided I needed the longer pitman arm I did some research but I could not find any good comparisons between the stock pitman arm, the skyjacker FA400, and the skyjacker FA600.

For those of you who have lifts and your steering is not level like this: (picture courtesy of Maniak)


You will most likely need a longer pitman arm to avoid bump steer.

Here are the three pitman arms I have mentioned so everyone can get a good size comparison:

The FA400 (middle) is supposedly for 4"-6" of lift.
The FA600 (bottom) is supposedly for 6"-8" of lift.

I have 5.5" coils from Superlift and f150 coil seats for about 7" of lift, minus sag. Even with the FA600 my steering is still not level. I recommend no more than 4" lift with the FA400 and 6" of lift with the FA600 or else you will start to get bump steer.

I have NEVER seen anyone get it as level as Mark did in that picture. .I have same setup as you and had all three arms also.even at 6" of lift and the fa 600 I still wasnt level. .but I honestly dont think steering is that bad.im having to remove about 1/2" from my passenger spring though to get it to align, it sits slightly higher than driver and is maxed out on camber bushing. Future I plan to get cut and turn front axles with longer springs to get ride of the f150 seats and to bring it where I can start with a 0* bushing ;)

Just a fyi summit now carries the superrunner steering setup and pretty cheap but I cant justify it as I feel mines not that bad.

The FA600 drop arm has an actual 4" drop (FA400 is 2"). With a 4" lift it should be like Maniak's picture.

Lead photo here shows such an example:

There another good comparison of the arms here also if you haven't seen it (shows the true drop amount while also accounting for the differences in arm length, not just it's drop).