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PIU Shift and Dial Cups


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August 3, 2020
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2014 PIU
I have updated the file for a bit better geometry, also it *should work on the next generation 2016, after seeing a console in person they seem identical and I have no doubt it will work. Waiting on confirmation from someone who was willing to be a guinea pig.

Hey everyone, I have finished designing and fine tuning this shift cup idea that's been swinging around in my head for the past few weeks and have come to a good point where I'm happy with the design. So here it is!

So these things are made of Black PLA from my favorite filament supplier Atomic, printed using a .6mm nozzle at 218°. They are pretty darn sturdy and snap in really tight into the cup where the shifter used to be. I found that some of the other designs available to us were really lacking, so I used them as a reference, and after spending way too much time trying to alter the first model, I built my own.

-Currently in this setup they are 3 1/4" deep in the center, deep enough to store a standard size wallet with about 1/4" sticking out, and a standard phone with roughly 1" sticking out. The snaps started out a bit more dramatically shaped, but I realized just regular wedges will do just fine. I measured the depth from the bottom lip of the rim of the shift hole to the bottom of each hole that would accept the snaps, how far out it needed to stick out, and the width.
-The Dial cup is 3.8" deep. I measured it to fit with my Flashlight and Sani Spray tucked in just enough to pull them out without getting in the way.

Here is How it sits on the underside of the floor console. They will snap in directly, but expect to use a bit of force to get them in there. I wanted absolutely no play or wobble as well as no risk of it popping out over time, which is why I added lips to the end of the snap wedges so you can push the silver OEM parts over for an even tighter fit.

As for pricing I am asking 25$ for the shift cup itself, and 10$ for the dial cup. These take me about 7hrs,15mins to print by the pair and I do not skimp on infill, making these things very solid, so I think its a fair price. This includes shipping USPS first class, however I will ship however you want at your expense. I can also do different colors, different materials (recommend PETG if you live in the scorching midwest), I can print them in smaller nozzle sizes for higher resolution, I can alter the depths to your liking, I can even emboss text or a logo into the bottom or whatever you'd like for an extra 5$ per alteration. Here's mine that I used with some scrap filament for an example, the bottom is glow in the dark :cool2:

I am genuinely glad I could get this done as its been the one thing bugging me with my PIU since I got it, and now I've come to a solid solution. I will be occasionally updating the design to make it better, and I welcome anyone to shoot me a PM with ideas on how to improve it. Here is also a link to the files themselves if you want to print them yourself or edit them yourself. Thanks!

August 15, 2017
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Marlborough, MA
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'14 PIU 3.7L NA V6
These look incredible! This issue has also been the last thing bugging me about my PIU and I'm thankful you've come up with a great solution.


July 27, 2016
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15 & 16 EXP Int. 3.5T
wow, that looks great! nice work and thanks for posting the files too!