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plague of the chirp


Jack from JackOffRoad
August 26, 2004
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West Virginia
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1993 2dr
so ive been reading posts, searching, following links..

after saying all that, here goes. for about 2 weeks ive had the chirping noise under my hood, its constant, idle.. acceleration.. always there. changed the belt, ilder pulley, checked the tensioner, still chirping. was talking to some guys at work today from a garage and they took it up to their shop and looked it over, thought it was the water pump until they took the belt off and started it and told me they still heard the noise.

now from everything ive read this leads me to having a bad cam sensor, well the mechanical shaft and gear it bolts to. is that the only thing it could be? cause i swear the noise is coming from the front of the motor and not the back where the cps assembly is. Going to have a ford teck look at it wednesday, see if we can figure somethin out. if any of you who have had it found a different cause let me know. i love my 5.0 but it keeps giving me reasons to trade it in on a subaru.

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stopped by a friends house and we got a long pry bar and put it against the cam sensor while the truck was running.. you could really hear the noise of the synchro through the bar. another way to 'test' to see whats making that annoying noise i guess. getting a new cam synchro tomorrow, cant wait to get rid of that noise. ill keep this updated, if nothing else just bc im bored.

I just replaced mine about a week ago. It NICE not having that chirp :D I didn't bother to test mine for noise, I just replaced it anyway.


that is what happens when you have movement in your cam synchro, im lucky that didnt get wedged in the housing and locked up the shaft


just showing how the wobble of the synchro shaft busted the cam sensor apart

Wow. Good catch!

I'm waiting for a low mileage Ex to get into the junkyard so I can pull one to throw on the shelf- they're insane expensive for mine!

ford wanted $175 when i called but in the end i paid $97 for it. labor was estimated at 3 hours @ $80 an hour, a friend of mine who is a ford tech did it for $120. so i saved alot. i like having 'people'. i should try out for an H&R block commercial.