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Plain centercaps for '99-'01 Limited wheels?

I picked up a 2000 Explorer Limited V8 AWD for a donor this morning. I will not be using the wheels on it except for rolling stock to move it around the yard. Dad expressed interest in getting the wheels for his 2000 Ranger because he hates the stockers on it and seems to want to stick with 16s due tire availability and pricing. He has a set of 15s he likes, but they are getting more expensive and limited in selection around here.


image shamelessly stolen from ebay

Anyhow, I won't be using them and he's welcome to them. I'll put the wheels from his truck on the explorer to roll it around. I think the limited emblem on the center cap will be out of place on the Ranger. Are there any other center caps out there that will fit these? Maybe something with a simple Ford emblem? Or even just a different "sticker" that I can use to replace the black Limited one?

FWIW, I'm trying to locate a set of these for him which I think he would like better, but no luck yet. Online is too high $$$, not finding any of that style local, and going a little further has been out of price range.


image also shamelessly stolen from ebay

and his truck that is currently wearthing the 18s I bought for mine. He wanted to test out the smaller tire diameter, but doesn't like the wheel size.


I love the limited wheels on a ranger they will fit great
I am not sure about other center caps that fit! However I do have 5 limited center caps, how I got 5 I am not sure
You could put ranger stickers or ford oval stickers on them and epoxy over it?

I forgot how the limited center caps mount do they just press into the wheel? I have a lot of ford center caps we could look at and see if one of them will fit
Most of them clamp onto the lugs nuts and may work w your limited wheels

They should have the same specs as a stock Ranger 16" wheel, so I'm sure they will fit fine. They'll probably look good too, I'm just concerned about the Limited center cap looking out of place. They're going on dad's Ranger so it's his decision, just trying to give him some options.

As for how the caps mount to the wheels, I have no idea. I didn't want the wheels but they were on this thing this I drug home on Sunday.

2000 Ex Limited 5.0 AWD

Didn't want the wheels so I haven't touched them. When Dad saw them he was interested in getting them for his Ranger. All I care about is the drivetrain. It drove great the 100 miles back to my house, but the body is shot. The wheels would be kept for rolling stock if Dad didn't want them. I might part out a few things, but the rest is going to scrap.

I know I've got a few or the normal Ranger center caps around. When I get some free time in the schedule this week I'll have to pop one off and see it it'll fit.

Once I change my truck over to live axles, it looks like I'll be playing musical chairs with wheels and tires. I've got 4 sets of "Ranger" wheels and two Rangers, unfortunately none of the have the right wheel tire combo.
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I like the look on the Ranger too.

Realized earlier today that I never posted a follow up on how this worked out. Got the wheels installed on dad's ranger a few weeks ago and they were a good fit for style.


I still felt that the Linited center cap was out of place on a Ranger. I searched up and ordered a set of 91mm Ford oval center cap enblems online. I had intended to install them directly over the limited emblem, but dad decided to remove that emblem and apply them directly to the metal center cap. The ended up slightly reccessed into the cap, but still a good look overall IMO. Time will tell how long the emblems last, but if they turn loose I'll order more and attach them better.