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Planning EF's 25th anniversary runs in 2021


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2021 will mark the 25th anniversary for the Explorer Forum community. Now that so many are "Sheltering at home" I thought it may be a good time to see what our members would like to do to mark the event. For our 10th anniversary we had several runs across the country, each region set up their own event/s. I know that with time life has changed and many folks no longer own their Explorer offroad rigs, but there are still many of us who do, so let's see what we can put together!

Moab and Truck Haven are givens. We just need to firm up dates for both.

I would like help from the Mid-West and East Coast guys, and gals to get something going in your part of the world. I would like to make another cross country trip to participate. It's been too long and I need to hit the road again. :thumbsup::pumpkin:


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we have plenty of offroad parks up here in the northeast. i organized a trip to aoaa offroad in pa for memorial day weekend of this year (if life has returned to normal by then) so a larger scale trip around here wouldnt be toooo hard to organize.

Rubicon! I've been on it several times as a passenger, once in my rig, and don't necessarily want to do the whole trail because of a couple of gnarly sections, so doing part of it in and back out would work well especially for people towing. I think going from Loon Lake to Little Sluice and camp there at Spider Lake would be great.


Now to finish my truck

Following. Will have to see how the year plays out and what gas prices are doing next year.

I would really be interested in hearing from folks who are willing to put together a run in their geographical area. I can do Moab, UT and Truck Haven in Southern CA., but I don't want set the others up by myself.

Planning on 2 trips for 2021 providing 2020 hasn't destroyed my financial life, and shut down the country, over the Chop Fluey.

In for Moab with the Forum. Trip 1.

167 mile trail deep in the Ozark Mnt's. Trip 2.

If there is a couple of weeks after the Moab meet, I could run a meet at SMORR again (or Flat Nasty). There are a few other parks in the midwest, that might want to host the forum tho. Maybe someone will chime in, and offer up another destination.

I didn't make it to the 20th anniversary, I sure as hell am going to make it to the 25th!

Moab for me... next year makes 10 years at my current company so I get 5 weeks PTO. I think I can spend a little of it. :D

Here's to a big recovery in 2021 (or sooner!) :chug::thumbsup:

Moab, sure.

Rubicon could be good, but camping at spider lake was pretty restricted last I knew. Camping at buck island is good, but to get there is interesting let's just say.

It would have to be a restricted run, simply due to the vehicle requirements - no 2wd, must be lifted with at least 35's, lockers and winches preferred.

Now, if a high sierra run off hwy50 is ok, there is interesting places to go with less capable vehicles..

I’m up for anything in Central and Northern California, or even Oregon since I’ve never been there. Yeah from Spider Lake to Buck has some sections I’m not interested in dragging my truck through.

I'm subscribing. Lets make 2021 the "Year of the Explorer Runs".

Always down for Truckhaven. Would like to do Colorado and Moab.

I should be able to make it to Moab in '21. Could also setup a PNW run also, like to the funny rocks.

I really want to go back to Moab

I'd be in for a Rubicon trip too.

I should have the rig built up a little by next year. There's still fun things to do in Moab they way it is.

I will definitely plan to be at one of these events

Windrock in east Tennessee is not far from I-40 and I-75, could be a good meeting place. Trails for many levels of rigs. Camping and cabins near trail head. Hotels and restaurants 20 minutes from the trail head. I would be interesting in helping with a run there. I am a season pass holder and have been
going there for about 15 years, mainly on ATV's but plenty of trails for Explorer size rigs.

If something happens on the East Coast, I’ll probably have to order some bolt ons for the old Mounty and hit the road.

Moab would be fun! I used to live in Farmington NM and spent a lot of time there. I'd be willing to do/help with something here in the Black Hills of South Dakota quite a few trails from mild to wild another member lives down the street from me I'll se what he has to say. I'd love to do some runs on the out lying trails around Moab with some of the not as well equipped Explorers, did my time on the hard stuff in Moab in m y other rigs already :)


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I would be down for Moab maybe. All depends on timing with my work these days. I took the Jeep to the rubicon a couple years ago. I was surprised at how gnarly it was. The ranger won't do that for a while. Heck I don't think I would ever do that trail without a trailer and solo again. That was pretty sketchy knowing I had to drive it home. Glad it stayed together.