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Planning on a big tune up ... any advice??

Gianni D

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December 10, 2006
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Quakertown, PA
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'99 XLT V6 (SOLD)
I just ordered a lot of tune up items from and I think my list is pretty comprehensive, but I always like the advice that people give here ...

Here's my list for tune-up items for a 90k 4.0 sohc:

1. fuel filter
2. pcv valve
3. spark plugs
4. spark plug wires
5. gas tank cap
6. new t-stat and radiator cap
7. seafoaming engine before taking it to my mechanic
8. clean IAC valve
9. clean MAF
10. air filter
9. inspect and lubricate suspension

I already replaced the fluid on both axles, transfer case, and transmission.

Any suggestions??