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Plasti-Dip OEM Grille vs. Mesh Grille?


August 26, 2014
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Bellevue, WA
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2008 Sport Track Limited
Hi guys,

I picked up my 2008 ST Limited V8 4x4 about two months ago with 50K on it and am loving this little truck. However, I had one issue - chrome... I like black, but I don't care for chrome much and the chrome grille had to go.

I bought a black mesh grille and put it on when I bought the bull bar. Then I discovered Plasti-dip for the first time - Wow! This stuff is amazing. So I decided to plasti-dip the OEM grille that I took off to see if that would look good. Here are the results.

I put two cans into the grille (about 8 coats) for durability and the finish looks just as good as any factory finish. I swapped the grille back to the black OEM one this afternoon to see what it looks like on the truck and I've left it because I think it's nicer than the mesh grille I bought.

What do you guys think? Mesh or blacked out OEM grilled?

What she looked like when I brought her home

What she looked like with mesh grille

What she looks like with OEM Plasti-dip grille

Painting process - the Ford badge unscrews from the back side of the grille, making things easier.


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I personally like the mesh grille, I wouldve added that on mine but I didn't think it would look right with a silver truck and black grille.

On your truck, I think the black mesh looks better, and IMO would look best WITH the Ford emblem attached. Plastidip is OK, but lacks gloss, and if you bump it, it peels way too easily.

In my case, the biggest front end transformation was painting the insides of the headlights black. Huge difference, looks great.

If you're able to somehow get the Ford emblem on, see how it looks with the mesh. IMHO, the finish on the mesh looks better with your paint and bullbar. The plastic dip, although black, looks a bit "off" since the entire front end is one color.

I personally think the plastidipped grill looks better, but maybe the mesh with an emblem would look descent too.

I know 84convertablegt, here on the forums, attached an emblem to his mesh grill. There's probably a write-up on here somewhere if you search for it (just search his username).

Thanks for the great feedback guys. The Ford badge is the only reason I've leaned towards the plastic dip grille. It looks like it would require more presicion and patience than I have to attach the badge to the mesh with a professional result.

I'll look into it and if I mess it up, I can always fall back to just the mesh.

Might be a little late but I too prefer the mesh grill.

Important thing is if you like it. None of us are driving it. ;)

I know 84convertablegt, here on the forums, attached an emblem to his mesh grill. There's probably a write-up on here somewhere if you search for it (just search his username).

I went and took a look at this thread - thanks for the tip. I think I'm going back to the mesh grille after seeing the different examples there.

Anyone interested in a dipped stock grille? :)