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plastic trim/bedliner question

this past summer when i finally found the wide factory wheel flares i wanted for my sport from a yard i took them home with the intentions of truck bed-lining them black to match the rest of my trim.. since factory they are gray. well i noticed they were gloss and smooth but being anxious went ahead and painted them with aerosol bedliner. they turned out great.. but soon after sitting in the sun started to bubble and flake off.

so to my questions.. i have used adhesion promoters in the past, but would it be better/simpler to lightly sand all the bedliner off the pieces and sand the plastic and re paint? also, does a professional bedliner application from a Line-X or Rhino Lining shop hold up better? basically what is the best way to fix my over anxious mistake and get the pieces painted to last?

any feedback is appreciated

- Jack


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June 1, 2008
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My suggestion:

1. Sand off all the bedliner that is currently on the plastic.

2. Sand of all the gloss on the original gray plastic.

3. Cover the plastic in Acetone (solvent) let dry...

4. Apply a do-it-yourself bedliner kit to the plastics... I recommend Herculiner.

5. Apply a UV topcoat protectant after wards to ensure it stays gloss-black for life!

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