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please allow me to introduce myself . . .


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August 16, 2005
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one a them "seccesh" states
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92 XLT 4 door, 2wd
I'm a man of wealth, and taste . . . :p

Found the site on google, looking for info on exploders.

I've got a 4 door explorer with 225k miles on it, and she's starting to show her age. I've had her for about 3 years now, her name is "Lottie", and she's given me just over 80,000 miles of good service so far.

I figure it's about time to start showing her some love, so, I'm looking for easy/cheap mods to do while I think about (and save my $$$ for) more major stuff.

So far, haven't done much - only started a couple months ago. New carpet, replaced the seats, hacked up the console to install a cd changer (head unit still in box - need speakers!)

Welcome to the site.

First thing to do is search and read. So much here to read. If you can think of it, someones here has done it.

trucku said:
First thing to do is search and read.

Oh, I've been doing that! I've been lurking this site (off and on, y'all know how it is!) for almost 2 years. LOL