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PLEASE HELP!!!! 99 explorer wont shift


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July 30, 2008
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99 explorer
I am at my witts end! My 99 explorer will not shift into any gear. Replaced the tranny with a used one along with replacing the torque convertor still nothing. so tried the transfer case motor that didn't seem to help either. then changed the 10amp drive train module still nothing. It has no fluid pressure. checked the cooler lines and they are clear. when i filled it up it dumped fluid out of the overflow. If anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.

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Did you fill up the torque converter with fluid before installing it into the trans? If not, it might just be whirling air.

no didn't even think about that. so will it take fluid or do I have to remove it and fill it up it so how much?

Unfortunately you have to remove it, which means dropping the trans again. Pour in 1 quart of fluid and be patient cauz the torque converter doesnt just drink the fluid, it takes a little bit of time.

IZ, I have never seen that required. If his pump primes, it will fill the converter. But to get the pump to prime, you indeed may need to pull it apart and use vaseline in the gears. But before I go that far, I would try and let a shop use their flush machine to try and get oil to the pump. Are you hearing any funny noises? Are you absolutely certain you have the converter installed in the pump correctly? When you unbolt the converter, is it loose and have some fore and aft play in it?

well we pulled out the tranny and put fluid in the torque converter and we still have nothing! the pump is pumping fluid and there are no grinding noises from the tranny. Any other suggestions? could it be something electrical? when it went out I was driving down the highway and there were no odd noises or clunks it was just like it shifted itself into nuetral

Sorry for making you do all that work :(.

I would check if its the transfer case by removing the transfer case and turning its input splines. If the rear output flange rotates, then the transfer case is okay. If not, the transfer case is stuck in Neutral which is the area between 4HI and 4LO

we checked that already and all is good there. it just doesn't seem to be engaging. could it be some sort of sensor? the cosoles shift lever is a bit off it normally sits between the letters if you know what i mean would that cause it to not work?

oh yeah, it does have an air flow leak somewhere, when we pulled the codes it was running lean on banks 1 and 2. but that wouldn't have anything to do with it not shifting would it???

-we will check that tomorrow so where exactly is it at? but when we move the shifter the range sensor attached to the tranny still moves, could it maybe be a bad range sensor? because the tranny just doesn't engage.