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Please help. Engine problem. Help needed asap.


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December 12, 2011
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Winder, Georgia
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1996 & 2004Explorer 4x4
I have a 2004 4.0 SOHC. I have a head gasket issue I believe. While trying to do a leak down test I must not of had the cylinder being tested completely at TDC. When air pressure was applied the engine turned backwards. Not a lot but the belt moved several inches.

Now the engine is running real rough and misfires at load. It would occasionally do this before the counterclockwise rotation due to the head gasket.

Did I just mess up my timing from that little amount of rotation? Is there a way to check without tearing down the engine?

I know i'm looking at a rebuild if its the head gasket but I have not completely diagnosed that as my original problem yet.

I could not place this in the 911 forum but I really need a quick answer.

Thank You

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If you didn't have the timing belts off,you didn't mess up the timing. I have turned just about every engine I have owned in both directions without effecting the timing.

Thanks for the response. Trying a few things will let you know.