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Please Help Me Understand How To Use This Harness!


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November 9, 2008
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2017 Explorer Sport
Hi everyone, i just recently purchased a 97 explorer xlt. I plan on keeping it fairly stock since its only my winter car but i wanted to at least upgrade my stereo and throw my old subs and amp in the truck. I purchased a new pioneer HU but before installing anything i came on here to just to browse around. Glad i did that because i learned about the factory amp. I did lots of research on the amp and bypassing the amp when installing a new HU. I found this harness from crutchfield which they told me is used to bypass the factory amp. They said you have to run wires from the deck to the rear quarter panel where the factory amp is located. This sounds wild to me....can someone who has used this harness draw me a quick diagram or better explain how this harness is used? I know the rectangular grey plug is the easy part. Its the black one that im unsure about...and the extra wire running stuff. I know this was probably asked before but ive searched for like 24hrs straigt now and every thread on this seems to end with no conclusion. Thanks in advance!

Hey brother that radio swap can be a real pain...I found out the hard way. I took my factorydeck out and went to put in my V3 deck. I had it in a
Taurus previously so I thought that it would be just "plug and play" so to speak. I cut the speaker wires behind the connector thinking that I could just wire back in and go but that wasn't the case.

Long story short I ended up running new wires to all 4 speakers but it isn't as hard as you may think. The trim panels aren't that hard to take off and the wires can be hidden under the carpeting and held in place once the trim panels are replaced. I ran wires to the back and put 2 Aiwa home stereo speakers(redneck, I know) in with the excess wire tucked underneath the boxes and it sounds just fine. It should be just as easy to run wire through the rubber tubing that houses the old wiring but I was in a hurry.

As far as I know though you have no choice but to run new wire to the back speaker because that factory amp screws everything up. I know this is rambling so I apologize. I hope it helps you out. Good luck!