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Please help me with my SCREEN selection

Derek's E.B.

September 5, 2002
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Louisville KY
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96 Eddie Bauer
Do you guys think the Monitor on this web site would fit into our douple din sized radio bezel? Its the Clarion MAX225. If so, do you guys think it would look okay? I like the motorized flip out screens, just very costly.

Here is a picture of some different angle shots:

Here is a good view of it sliding down to eject a cd: Dead Link Removed

Tell me what you guys think about me doing this, and if I am able to.


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I dont know if it would fit or not, but i think that would look really cool! How much does that thing cost?


They claim that the unit is double-DIN sized, so I don't see why it wouldn't fit... You may have to make some modifications, :hammer: but I don't think you'll be able to find out for sure unless you buy the thing and actually try to install it! :p

You should only need the double din harness and you may have to do a little trimming of the bezel, other than that you should be fine.

Thanks guys for the replies, and if anyone knows anything further than this, please feel free to keep this post active. Also, is our radio bezel concidered a FULL double din size?


It's considered DIN + 1/2, but many people have fit double din head units in with little effort.

Not sure's claims it's 1 yr. old...