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Please Help No Sound


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July 28, 2005
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97 xlt
I have a 97 Explorer and the aftermarket radio has quit working. Actually I have no sound in the car. I have tried a new radio with no luck. I tried a used stock amp from a wrecked one and still no sound.
I would get sound for a few minutes each day nbut it would quit and sometimes come on and off and sometimes stay on for days. But now ive had no sound for 3 days. Is there anything else to check?? Ive checked power from the remote wire to the amp and it has power. Please any ideas wpuld be great. Im going to check the vehicle ground and fuse again, just maybe it might work. Please help its lonely riding around with no tunes.

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Sounds like there may be a short in the wires somewhere... I would try and check the speaker wires and such... how to do this I couldn't tell you but it sounds like that MAY be whats wrong.

Do you have the rear seat controls on your vehicle? If so that can be your problem. My 98 had similar symptoms. The relay in the panel shorted intermittently and caused no sound and put the head unit in protection mode. I found it by ohming out the wiring and tapping on the panel. I cut the wires and spliced directly to the speakers to eliminate the rear controls.

I feel the speaker issue is ok. The rear seat control issue makes sense. I do have a aftermarket radio. Think it matters that its not original and still would put in protection mode? Came on today for a while until i turned off the vehicle and never came back on.:mad:

The rear seat controls are integrated into the speaker harness. My Kenwood went into protection mode, it shows an error on the display indicating a dead short on the outputs. Mine stopped one day about 10 minutes after I shut it off. I went to move the expy and there was no sound. Then later the sound was back. I opened the hatch and then closed the hatch and the sound went out. It was a ***** to track down. I never used the rear controls and they don't work with the Kenwood anyway. I pulled the aux panel and cut the wires to the rear speakers and spliced them to bypass it. No more possessed sound system. Some holy water might help too.

My radio doesnt go intoany kind of error that I can see. Mine just comes and goes. Goes more than comes. I have power to the amp so i believe the issue is somewhere else. Im gonna try to jump over the rear controls as soon as I get time, Thanks

Turn the volume up.... duh.

Kidding, but in all seriousness: Check the wiring/fuses. Perhaps a wire came out of the wiring harness?

Ok. Ive checked about all I know to check. Im pretty sure the issue isnt the amp or deck or anything like that. I had the radio on with no music came out but i could here a slight pecking noise coming from the speakers. Lately the radio just comes and goes like your turning it on and off. Thinking possible wiring short somewhere. IDK. Getting aggravated now.

Yea I can see the frustration.. I was originally using my mp3 player thru a cassette adaptor thing with the stock radio, and was happy with it.. But then all of a sudden out of nowhere, the volume on the left side speakers crapped out.. They still put out sound, but probably 25% of what they should have, so it led me to believe that those speakers were blown since I'd been cranking the volume up.. After a week or so, I realized it was a problem with the cassette player and not the speakers.. I could fiddle around with the adaptor thing, but the sound would constantly cut out intermittently..

So that's when I decided to just get a new deck.. So I installed it and got no sound at all out of it, not knowing about the stock amp and all the hassle it causes for upgrading - thank god I found this site lol.. So what I did in the meantime was just put the stock deck back in, and low and behold once it was back in, the volume problem with the left side speakers was fixed out of nowhere.. I'm happy with what I got now tho, with a new deck, and an additional amp/sub..

Im gonna reinstall my factory deck as soon as i can and see if possibly my wiring harness is the isssue although ive already re crimped all the connections. Im hoping this is the problem. Its just strange that if its real quiet you can hear that litlle soft pecking noise in the speakers.

Couldnt find radio. But it seems to be working fine now. :mad:

Still no answers here. Anybody????????????

You just said it was working fine now... (?)

Ive tried 2 amps, rewired the wiring harness, checked fuses and tried new radio. I have no radio at all. Radio comes on just no sound. If its quiet enuough you can hear a small pecking sound in the speakers buts thats it. What do I need to do to check the rear controls?? I dont know if thats it but thats about all there is to left. If any other ideas please share.