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please help!! no sound!!


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February 12, 2002
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Ok i was installing a new amp today and the remote wire accidentally touched something else on the amp and i had a small blue spark. i turn my car on, and no sound from the door speakers. the HU turns on and acts like its playing music... i checked all the fuses and everything looks good. what else could be a problem?? the HU's internal amp? thanks for the help in advance

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Could be some kind of internal fuse....not really sure though.

did the spark just hit the heat sink on the amp? does the small power light come on the amp(if equipped)? and what kind of amp is it btw?

sounds like you tripped a breaker or fuse inside the amp. check to see if a power light comes on, and consult the instructions for the amp.

its a rockford 75x2 and i dont think there is a power light.... i checked all the fuses in my car but they all like good. even if the amp was screwed it shouldnt make a difference on weather the speakers in the door work or not because they are running off the HU. its something wrong between the speakers and the HU...

What is the amp supposed to be running? A sub or two? Door speakers? If the speakers that the rockford amp is running aren't working, then it's probably something in the amp. If that amp has nothing to do with the speakers that aren't working then it's something else. They might have come disconnected, that happened to me once. Really easy to fix. Just pop the door panel off, unscrew the speaker, and reconnect the wires. Just make sure you put them in the right spots.

ok this amp has absolutely nothing to do with the door speakers... and if one or two speakers stopped working i would think its the wires, but for all 4 to stop working immediaetly... could it be the internal amp in my HU is blown or someting like that?

I did this the first time i installed my amp and just yesterday when showing a friend my amp. This is what you need to do, turn off everything in your car (you know just dont stick they key in and turn it on) then make shure your ground to your amp and the ground attached to metal is tight and screwed down, then check your power wires. After you checked those to wires turn on your car, if there is no sound (from the subs but there is from your door speakers) check your inline fuse under the hood it may have blown. This should help you out because I did the same thing twice

what is an inline fuse? and where would i find it at?

An inline fuse protects the amp against overload (when too much current/power goes through the power wire). You were suppose to get one in your amp kit (if you got one). Is this your first time installing your amp?? It would help greatly if your read up before you installed it. I read a 4 page artical and took it with me outside when I installed my amp, told me everthing to do...check out this help artical out...