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please help: Trans now over revs and throws 3 codes (0731,0734,0745)


February 2, 2011
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Aussie here
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2002 Limited
Hi guys,

Just got back from being away for work and now my explorer is playing up pretty badly. Last night when driving home (5hr drive) the transmission started to clunk on some gears and change erratically when climbing over the mountain ranges. (about 15km of steep incline and lots of bends). It was fine all the rest of the way home.

Today when driving to work first gear now revs to almost 5000rpm before shifting and skips second all together. It seems to quicly shift into fourth also.

The overdrive button has also now started flashing and the following codes have popped up:
P0731 Gear I Incorrect ratio
P0734 Gear 4 Incorrect ratio
P0745 Pressure Control Solenoid Malfunction

I've done a search on here but there a a few different expereinces with some similiar codes. Has anyone experienced this?

Any advice would really be appreciated. If it a solenoid, module or servo, Id hate to get slugged a full rebuild it not needed