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Please help!


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March 16, 2003
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stamford, CT
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94 XLT
This sounds crazy to all you would be mechanics, but I really don't know a thing about fixing my explorer, but there is a big problem: I need to open the hood to add oil and top all all the fluids, but when I pull the lever under the steering wheel, nothing happens! (It always used to work in the past).So I went outside the vehicle to the front and tried to fiddle with the additional "opening lever" behind the grill and that did nothing either! I have to add oil as the check oil light is on, yet I can't open the damn hood! Please someone tell me how I can get the thing open, before I end up damaging my vehicle. Thank you....


The cable connecting the lever to the latch probably came loose or off. First thing is to check the lever inside the truck and see if the cable is firmly attached and runs all the way to the firewall. Next thing to do it that is fine is get under the truck and see if you can reach up and actuate the cable by hand and pull the latch open. Though I'm not exactly sure how the cable runs on a 94.

Those are my suggestions for now, good luck! Oh, and if those lights are on please don't drive it.

Not meaning to insult your inteligence, but I too have made this mistake.
Are you sure you are pulling to hood release and not the parking brake release?