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plywood or mdf?


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March 15, 2004
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Im building a false floor sub box for 2 ten inch subs. Should I use 3/4 plywood or 3/4 mdf or does it matter?

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MDF is always a better way to go. The plywood could and would eventually split and fall apart...

mdf, remember to predrill holes if you are using longer screws or nails because they could split the wood.

I would suggest Medium Density Fiberboard ;)

thanks guys mdf it is ! another question, on the sides of my flase floor box i was gonna use 2 by 8s for the fram can these be used for the sides of the sub box and mdf for the top and bottom surfaces where the subs go . Or should i build a couple mdf boxes that will fit into the frame made of 2 by 8s cause im aso building storage compartments and things in this false floor as well. thanks for the help guys ! hope you can understand what im saying in this post sounds confusing lol

You could use the 2x8's for the frame, just make sure you use alot of sealent around the base and top... Its very simular to what I had in my Thunderbird, but I had 3 12's and used only 2x4's for the frame work.

what kind of sealant should I use? the hardware store has 2 complete isles of caulking and sealant so i need specifics if possible, If i use 2by 8s for the frame would it be to much air space for 2 pioneer 10 inch sub woofers? Im not sure of the model number off hand but they are the 450 watt max kind they are the new all black subs.

Off hand I dont remember what sealent I used, this was back in early 98 when I had the car.

Are you doing this in an X or another type of vehical?

Because the setup I had in the thunderbird used the spare tire well as part of the enclosure.

If you build a frame, make sure that you compensate for the internal volume that it will take up.

this is for my 98 2 door blazer so I figured i would go with 2 by 8s for the frame so I would have plenty of depth for the subs

i have my mdf boxes mounted on top of a 2x6 frame (a sort of false floor)

That should work fine, See no reason for it not to work...

use 100% pure silicone. the clear stuff, not the white. the white isnt as strong and will peel of the wood. make sure you run a bead of silicone over all the seems, and then smooth it out with our finger to work it in the crack. instead of using nails on MDF, i use a pneumatic staple gun, with heavy duty long staples. it doesnt split the wood, and goes much faster than screws. always remember to use glue and staples/screws. glue is always stronger than the wood. good luck!

liquid nails for decks is the strongest