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PO756 and replacing solenoids

Eddie V

November 28, 2006
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96 Eddie Bauer
Hello, I am writing about my 96 Explorer (4R55e trans according to T code on door) which recently started showing signs of trans problems.
Basically, it doesn't shift into second when driving normally, unless I let go of the gas slightly. It seems to shift into 3th fine. Check Engine light and No O/D light; code is PO756-
(P0756 Shift Solenoid B Performance or Stuck Off)

I have ordered a new solenoid to replace it with, and I will let you guys know what happens at that point. Hopefully it takes care of the problem;

I am not too familiar with transmissions but I have read many of the great articles here.

well now I have the parts but found out I have a green epc in the trans, and I ordered a red epc, incorrectly.
I now have to wait for the correct part.

Well another update

I was reinstalling the transmission pan and thus cleaning it out when I found what looks like an anchor bolt for the intermediate band( no second gear on my 1996 4r55e ). No other metal parts were in the pan.

I thought it was just another magnet at bottom of the pan until I thoroughly cleaned it.
its getting uglier now.


I gave up and reinstalled the pan, as I believe that the band is broken.
I am not inclined to remove trans, as I know it will be involved and I do not have the tools at this point.

Here is a photo of the location:

Here it is zoomed in: