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Poison Spyder Stinger on '01 Sport

I'm working on getting a template done and getting my brother-in-law to build one. If it goes well and he's willing, I may be able to get more done for forum members. Also going to talk to him about a rear bumper, sliders and other armor.

Yea definately let us know if that pans out. A rear bumper would be nice too. Ive always wanted one with a tire swing and gas cans.

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Here is a picture from the front without the stinger hoop for your pleasure.


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I've also given some thought to some rocker guards. Not really a rock slider per say, but just a little protection while adding a step. They would replace the plastic trim near the doors and be attached using 3/8" nutserts. These are preliminary, but I like the way they turned out so far. Excuse the kind of crappy photoshop job.

This will have to wait until I finish my SAS though.


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If your Ex is body lifted then I wouldn't mount it to the body. Look at Chad551's slider build.

Would you care to elaborate on the body lift? I don't have one but I don't get what you are saying anyway. I have seen chad551's and think they look good but I thought this is a more low profile substitution. I feel that with the amount of mounting bolts the forces should be pretty well distributed especially with using nutserts vs mounting to body panels only.

I'm actually looking at an all new way to do the sliders but will not reveal my horrible (or genius) idea until later. I do like your idea, though. I'll probably lose the body lift when I go SAS.

That's is a sweet bumper! Any headway on a template I have a practice bumper that was in a tiny fender Bender and would love to make a bumper like yours. Also, I like your rock slider substitutes and if that pans out well for you I might come back begging for a template for that too. Or just send you my truck and give you free creative reign to do what you will!!

I haven't really gotten around to making templates because I've been busy finishing the SAS and work etc. I can probably get around to making a set of templates in the next few weeks or so though.

Sweet, thanks! How goes your SAS build? I am planning on doing mine when I get back from deployment this time next year. Any major troubles you have come across? The only SAS build I have really checked out is Chad551's. Good luck on it!

Yea there have been a few issues. You can check it out by clicking on the link in my signature. It is getting pretty close though. Then comes the debug and getting everything fine tuned. Never know until it actually starts driving again.