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Polaris general 1000 accessories


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February 19, 2024
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Toronto, Canada
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2018, Explorer
Hey there! I want to add cool accessories to my Polaris. Any ideas for Polaris general 1000 accessories that really stand out? Whether it's for better performance, like stronger tires or suspension upgrades, or neat extras such as lights or storage solutions,
Looking for stuff that's good quality but won't break the bank. Let's chat about the best ways to spruce up our Polaris rides!

Ain't got one or anything like one, but lights! Lights make a huge difference both in performance and looks, especially auxiliary reverse lights, I cannot stress that one enough, even standard cars I wish came with a set of flood pod lights in the rear so you can ACTUALLY SEE at night! First thing I do to any of my rigs lol
But yeah, light bars, pod lights, etc...some good ones for a more modern sleek look or retro look with the bigger and bulky ones if that's what ya want! Plus some double as emergency flashers so you can be seen easier if something did happen to the Polaris.

I modify the heck out of our Polaris machines
I have a 2018 ranger northstar crew that has been completely Built and customized

I have owned several rzrs, Polaris atv’s and sleds every single one gets modded

Our northstar has a custom suspension and sits on 30” tires. I had her on snow tracks before she even had 10 miles on her
We use this machine to commute to and from our property

I added power front doors with power windows , she has a cheap Bluetooth stereo with self powered 8”’sub that sounds great and is very simple.
Full skid plates, many upgrades to the suspension to handle the bigger tires and tracks like rzr turbo spindle pins, I’m also running a duraclutch and belt. Our ranger has about 9000 miles on it now, runs great!





Let’s see your general!! They are awesome. The new Polaris excursion is pretty cool too