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poll: pull head or engine


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March 10, 2008
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The Big City of Orange City, Florida
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2019 Navigator 450hp
4.6 3 valve engine

broken exhaust stud in head what would you do?

if I pull the head then I have to mess with timing parts, planning head, gaskets set, and special tools that can get expensive!


If I pull engine it will be cheaper, just more work.

thanks for any info.

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I vote for the whole engine. The timing parts, gaskets, special tools to hold the phasers or something like that make it much complicated job. Right now you have the engine assembled at the factory and the longer it stays that way, the better.

I also say motor, while you are in there replace the rear main seal, take a look at the motor mounts, etc.

up date I bought a new fomoco exhaust manifold off ebay for 149 free shipping, the dealer wanted 280 for the same thing. then I bought some cheap tools off ebay. I did remove the starter and the motor mount nut, then jacked up the engine a few inches.






This is getting interesting :) Keep us posted. Did you drill the holes thru the spring "tower" so you can use easy outs ? What side are you doing ? Also, did you get the gasket as well ?

Good luck.

I am working on the passenger side. I did drill thru the spring tower, I figured I would weld up holes and paint. I did also buy felpro gaket set.

Interesting idea about drilling, I would not worry about welding them up, just paint to stop the corrosion.

Keep the pictures coming.

How much was the gasket ?

Also, are you using new studs or just some bolts ?

I think the gaskets were 24 bucks. also I bought the dorman replacement studs. you can see the new studs in the photo with the tools.


my old manifold was definitely warped probally about 1/16 inch

How did you start the job ? Did you spray the studs with something ?

Out of 8, how many broke and what did you use to loosen them; sockets or flat wrenches ?

I don't think spraying oil would have helped, the warping of the manifold broke bolts I am guessing, out of 8 bolts, 3 were already broken and just resting in place, I used a 13mm socket with universal swivel and 18 extension will reach most of the bolts thru the wheel well. the top front two I had to use a gear wrench. I also removed the air cleaner box for more working room. but not a bad job so far.

well while trying to drill the last bolt with the broken easy out stuck in it. the drill bit walked and the hole was at an angle. I hit the water jacket. antifreeze was everywhere. so I drilled and tapped and put teflon tape on the stud and shoved it in the hole. I pressured tested no leaks. I took a chance and put it back together and ran truck for 30 minutes, no leaks. I am crossig my fingers that it hold!

Wow, you should be OK. I would be concerned how the teflon will hold with the temperature over time, but if you see leak, take the stud out and try some other sealeant (RTV type temp resistant ??). I'll keep the fingers crossed for you but you should be fine.

Is the ticking noise gone ?

Tick is gone. This morning i retorqued the manifold bolts and drove around for a mile and let truck run idled in driveway no leaks