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Poly Performance co2 tank


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January 28, 2000
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1991 Eddie
If anyone is wondering if they should ever order from Poly Performance, don't be afraid. I ordered this co2 tank (Dad's b-day present) on Sunday night, and it got to my front door today. Granted they are in the same state, but UPS ground isn't usually that fast. :thumbsup:

Anyway, for under $250 shipped to my door, I got the 10lb tank, pressure regulator, 35' coiled hose and carrier/mount.



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Thats on my list of things to buy. Whats your dad going to use it on(or am I reading this wrong, is it his Bday present to you)? You think he could air up my girlfriend Jenny's tires at Truckhaven?

Oh, that's right!! Haha! I think it was Nicole because Micromachine's GF was Nicole? He got them mixed up. :D

Believe me I'd like to get to Moab again this year, but as I get older, my priorities change...lame. :)

Believe me I'd like to get to Moab again this year, but as I get older, my priorities change...lame. :)

LMAO!! So true...;)

Congrats on the tank though:thumbsup: Mine cost me $11 bucks to fill:thumbsup:

Got a few questions:

So there is no problem with using the co2 in tires or air tools?

I have 2 coke co2 tanks with a extra regulator. Can i link the two together and get better life out of the fill ups or just more pressure?

As I understand it..

As long you your coke bottles are within the test time you can get them filled.

I haven't seen them ever installed in paralell but the pressure in the bottles is > 1000 psi so you don't really need more pressure. The regulator you put on the bottle is what determines your pressure. I've seen non adjustable 140psi regulators and adjustable ones (expensive).

I was looking at building my own using a 10# bottle but after the cost of a bottle (finding a used one that will be within the test date for years to come is hard) and the regulator I was already close to $150. Also, most bottles don't have the guard at the top, which I want..