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poor gas mileage


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January 6, 2012
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Earlton, Ontario
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1996 Ford Explorer XLT
i am driving a 96 ford explorer 2dr 4x4 auto 4.0 with stock tires. there is 189000kms on the truck new motor, trans and transfer case with less than 50 000kms and my last tank of fuel lasted only 231.8kms with 80% on the highway at 90km/h.i tried a bottle of injector cleaner in that full tank and obviously did nothing. any suggestions or highway mileage anyone else is getting???

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i also have a k&n air filter on it and its clean.

same here

hi mate, I was getting bad mileage as well, turned out thermostat was stuck open, car not heating up and computer pumping more fuel in,thinking it was cold. had a really rich exhaust smell, might be worth a look , Pete

hey i have around the same kms.. is 350 to 400kms per tank pretty average for a 98 sport you recon? was thinking that was a little low...

hey i have around the same kms.. is 350 to 400kms per tank pretty average for a 98 sport you recon? was thinking that was a little low...
96 XLT 4.0 OHV Control Track 4x4, 3.73 gears Stock tires and wheels, (235x75 all season). Truck runs right around 20 MPG, sometimes a little better, sometimes a little worse. It doesn't seem to make much difference if highway or local. If all in town back in Nebraska, it would get about 17.5to 19 MPG. The best mileage recorded was between Flagstaff, Az and Cortez, Co. 25+ MPG.The worst was in Prescott, Az in the snow, 1/4 tank in 80 miles, the thermostat was stuck open, engine running extremely cold, threw a code for O2 sensor. All mileage is fill up to fill up, off the odometer,which is about 2%to 3% slow. 100 miles = 102 to 103 measured with GPS and mile markers. Fellas, I ain't *****ing about the gas mileage!

By the way, I do notice a bit better mileage when using StarTron fuel treatment.

any check engine light ups? when trying to improve fuel efficiency problems, i find it best to remedy the more practical possible problems and move from there. start with your driving habits. driving like a grandma is the best bet for improving your MPG. then move onto your tire pressure. make sure youre at proper inflation. next, see if you are carrying any un-needed weight you are toting around.

after all this, try the basic oil change, fuel filter change, and check for vacum leaks. spark plugs and wires next. at 189k on the odometer, you might need your injectors cleaned. good luck!