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November 1, 2001
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91 XLT
My 4wd would not engage and I took other and cleaned the transfer motor which fixed the propblem, but know when I engage there is a popping/banging sound and gets worse the faster I am going. Is this the Auto hubs trying to engage? Can anyone help?

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Yeah, I have a friend with a '01 Ranger. When he has his in 4WD and makes a fairly hard turn going maybe 5 to 10MPH his makes a loud popping noise that seems to be coming from under the driver's floorboard area. I would be curious to find out what the popping noise is too. :)

That's exactly what mine did too. I replaced the hubs with manual hubs and now all is well! :)

ent160: I have the same noise/problem. I do have manual hubs so that's not where the noise is coming from. I've taken it to 2 shops and they are clueless. Maybe someone at Thaven this weekend can help me.

My buddy's ranger is stock with the auto hubs. But this sounds like it is the front drive shaft or something actuallyhitting the floorpan. Although I guess if it was the hubs it would be close enough to make that noise. He's never had any problems engaging the 4wd. It's just an annoying noise.

I've never had any problem but it's really loud and annoying. When it pops anyone with shouting distance looks at me like what the hell was that. I can feel it in the floor and it feels like it comes from the drives side. It only happens when I'm turning.

This never happened before when the 4X4 was working. I am thinking it is the auto hubs. Are made to engage as soon as the transfer case shifts or is there a delay. Every 4 or 5 seconds after I have gone into 4X4 it bangs/jumps. And it is doing it as I am going straight.
PS just past 200K:D

i went without 4x4 capabilities for along time(appx 2yrs) until a friend of mine pulled and cleaned my transfer case motor, he got the motor working great but ever since my front gives a loud clunk/bang on occasion without even trying to start the 4x4, kind of like the hubs are tring to engage on their own. does anyone know if when he reinstalled the motor could it have been out of phase or something to that effect, or is it just coincdence cause i hadn't engaged the hubs for so long that they now get stuck?