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portable tire changer

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The type where there is just a pole and bar tool? I have used one, but I used another device to balance afterwards...

The link doesn't work, but if it is the pole and a tire tool brute force is the key. I work for Accu-Turn and we have a model similar to that, except ours has a motor to turn the wheel. I've heard of people using sledge hammers to break the bead on those manual changers.


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302Xplorer said:
The link doesn't work, but if it is the pole and a tire tool brute force is the key. I work for Accu-Turn and we have a model similar to that, except ours has a motor to turn the wheel. I've heard of people using sledge hammers to break the bead on those manual changers.

its pictured below... thanks for rectifying my link....

anywyas it appears to have a bead breaker on the bottom of it......

I've got one in the shed. The only draw back on them is that they are too flimsy in my opinion. I have plans to add some extra support on the legs. I don't use it to break the bead on the tires, I simply place it on my garage floor and run over it to break the bead and then use some spoons.

so waht aprt needs the reinforcement? im planning on getting one of these real soon so i can put my 31s on before pismo

Bah, no need for that contraption . . . I just used a couple of pry bars to mount my 35's, and a high lift to break the bead.

well i bought it today
i can already see its going to need some modifying to my liking, but all will be good... i have a welder ;)

oh yeah, i will post pics too..... it was $39.99 on sale @ the harbor frieght stores right now... online its $5 cheaper but then iwould have t odeal with shipping i think and waiting for it, and i dotn have my check card setup on my bank account yet....

the clamp works, fine, i jsut dont liek it much... i am going to drill some holes and put lugnuts and studs in it... the base seems fine for me.... none of the bolts are tightened yet, jsut finger tightened, hasnt even put pressure on the lock washers yet and i dismounted a 205/70/14, the spare my truck came with..... i used no lube, its an old tire and i did not rip the bead...... it did get red paint on my rim edge, but so what, if it doesnt get used, its not worth having and htis goes for anything, including trucks if you dont need a truck, get a car....

well got the mods done... im working on the pics... so heres a teaser ;) ill explain what i did in my next post as to what each picture means

here are my mods with an explanation of what i did and why.... let me know what you think... the paint used was chrome colored as its all i had.... and with newly exposed bare metal, i didnt want it to rust......

a lot of you guys said the arms are weak, so i welded in a 1/16" plate on one side to link the arms together... washers were also added to minimize slack and the possibility of deflection by directing the force where it should be going



i thought the locating peg was too long.....so i cut it shorter


i then decided the peg left too much movement in the wheel.... so i added a (special) stud -- it's a bolt but will explain in a minute


here is explaining my (special) stud ... its a bolt, the tire changer is set up to use the extra bolt for a 5 on 4.5" rim along with the locating peg.... however... the bolt can unscrew and retract for use with any pattern rim by jsut using the locating pin


so is the bracing enough for the bead breaker? the welds have pretty good penetration, it did discolor the metal on the backside.....

u said its $5 cheaper online - and thats what i hate about harbor freight. everytime i see something good, i goto the store and ask for it, but its almost always more expensive. My $20 angle grinder was "on sale" in the store for $40. I just got a 220v MIG welder that was listed at $400, "on sale" in the store for $250, I paid $199. You need to print off the webpage that has the price on it, then bring it in and the store will honor it. It's a little trick that I dont think they want you to know. You only paid $5 extra this time, but thought I'd let you know for the future.

Print the online add and show it to them as you check out. We do it all the time and they always honor the online price. Saves a lot. :D

Since he posted this before I did, mine is just a confirmation. ;)

Also, if something doesn't work or it breaks quickly they take it back no questions asked.

Example: I bought a heat gun set to remove stripes with (various tips etc.). I used it for two days on low to get all the striping off my ranger. My dad picked it up and used it for like 5 minutes on high the next day and it melted insde. We returned it and told them exactly what happend. They said thats fine and gave me another kit. This one works fine on high as long as you can stand to hold it. :D

yeah last time i went to HF to get a code reader it was $10 more in the store than online, i told them, and they said they dont honor the online price..... and it was the manager who i talked to....

anyways, the price wasnt a bad deal, i jsut want to know what you guys think of my modifications...

ok.... used it for real tonight, swapped out my balding 235s with some 50% tread left 31" muds i had in the backyard..... here is the report: the tire changer does its job, but its CRUDE.... had to use brute strength.... and luckily i used to work @ a tire place and have a little bit of technique and know how.... if someone with no experience wanted to try to use this thing, i would advise against it.... also its little footprint sucks... the whole thing tried to spin on me..... had to hold it down with my feet whiel trying to spin it..... i got both tires mounted.... but pretty much ended up just mounting them without the changer... the big ole bar that came with the changer was awesome though......

some people said that they had an idea about making a mount to mount it to a trailer hitch, this would be an AWESOME idea.... and once i get a hitch, i am going to do that.... that would make it A LOT easier to deal with....

I maounted mine ona 4x8 sheet of 3/4 plywood.
It works good for car tires but I bought it with the motorcycle attachment. It works but you do have to work hard.
The walls on the Motorcycle are thick and low along with the narrow rim to have the bead drop into ..it's a tough deal.