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Possible 4.6L Engine rebuild?


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April 8, 2012
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Philadelphia, PA
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2002 Ford Explorer XLT
I just recently replaced my 4.6l engine with another about 2 months ago. The problem with the old one is just the Tensioner arms/timing chain which caused a knocking sound. The engine had 123k so i decided to replace with another (new engine has 80k for $800) instead of keep fixing problems as the months go on.

I got the old engine in my garage now (the junkyard did not have core charge) and plan on completely rebuilding it from top to bottom. Though this will be considered as a long-term project as bills need to be paid...lol. But I will either keep as a replacement, or buy another ex and swap.

Just wanted to know what should i buy as far as parts go, i know tensioner, valves, camshaft, lifters, "complete engine Rebuild kit", full-tune up. I saw summitracing kit, just wanted to get a couple ideas or things can be replaced with performance parts.

As for rebuilding, where can i send the engine block and head to get cleaned and polished. I live in philadelphia. I was thinking of boring the heads, what you think? In the end i just want a brand-new engine alot of mods and performance :D

(02 Ex XLT 4.6L - Vin W)

Thanks in advance!