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Possible Electrical or Computer issue?


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October 6, 2016
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1998 Ford Explorer Sport
All right, so a long while ago my timing chain guides decided it was time to stop existing. My explorer still rattles down the road if I need to go somewhere, and very soon I'll be getting it fixed, so I have a few questions.

One, where can I find the reinforced metal timing chain guides? I'd like to tell the mechanic about them, so he doesn't use Ford's defective parts. Also, would it make sense to ask him to fix my blend door problem since he'll be taking the engine out of the truck?

And two, I have a second problem I need him to fix. A while back, my check engine light came on and confused autozone's computer, because it was some weird code. And then, my windsheild washer pumps broke, and the fuse blew on them too. I replaced the fuse, but they still didn't work.

Last night, me and my brother ran off to mcdonalds at night for some food, and in the drive through, I was telling him about the wipers, and I found out- lo and behold- that my washers work now! And the check engine light went off! So now I ask: what the heck kind of problem am I having if it causes the engine light and windsheild washers (front and back) to stop working??


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July 30, 2009
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Florence, KY
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1998 XLT 4WD 4.0L SOHC
What was weird about the OBDII code? You might try getting it read again if the problem comes back. If it doesn't, you don't need to.

Due to the blown fuse, I'd wonder if the motor has a shorted winding on it or was in a bind due to a shot bearing, and if it stops at just the right position it blows the fuse or the bearing loosens up with temperature change so it can spin. I'd pull the pump off and look it over, see if there's a way to check the condition of the commutator, brushes, and put a couple drops of oil in the bearings, apply 12V with a current limited power source and see how it does.

That's assuming it can be opened non-destructively. If not, all you can do is see if it spins with 12V and put it back in the vehicle or replace it while it's out.

I don't know if running it dry for more than a few moments would damage it. If it has a plastic impeller you're probably fine doing that but if rubber, maybe not. You could see if it'll suck out of a bowl of water.