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Possible Overhaul (Engine Swap). What's it gonna take?


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November 14, 2012
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Sioux City, IA
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1997 Ford Explorer XLT
I figured the modified explorer forum was a good a place as any to get this going, as it will deal with modifying my SUV. A few months back I had initially posted a post about my transfer casing going out and if it was worth keeping. After getting a resounding yes, I still haven't fixed it, but what I really want to do is beef up old Red if I decide to climb back into her.

So to the heart of the matter: I want to preform an engine swap, but first and foremost I don't even know what will fit in my bay. I have a 1997 XLT with the 4.0L SOHC. I know that a favorite and easy swap is the 4.9 Windsor, and all I really need is new Computer, Wiring, and a fuel pump I believe. Now for the sake of this I'm setting the budget at unlimited money just to get a really good estimate of what it would cost to throw something with a lot of beef in it. I was looking at a few crate motors from various places, and just wondering all what else I need done to my vehicle to handle the extra power.

I know that a 4.9L is the V8 in the AWD Explorer, so will anything bigger than that fit in the bay with a workable amount of room to spare?

These are the three engines I have been really looking at in throwing into my Explorer. I do at the time have the money to afford any of them, but I just want to see how much more it will cost to adjust Red to take all the power from it. If you want to describe a specific swap then just say what engine, or suggest a swap, or just general info. All help is welcome! Thanks in advance.

302 345HP Crate Motor
306 340HP Crate Motor
363 500HP Crate Motor Rear Sump