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Possible Power Steering Pump Problem?


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July 6, 2010
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Rockville, MD
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1995 XLT
Today I followed steps outlined in a previous thread about replacing my power steering fluid in my '95 XLT. The resevoir was dry so I replaced the fluid as instructed with the engine on. I turned the wheel to lock in both directions several times but the fluid level in the resevoir never lowered.

Filling the resevoir took care of the whining noise and rough steering problems but now I'm wondering if I need a new pump since the fluid level never went down.

Also, is there inherent danger in the resevoir being slightly over filled?

Thanks in advance for any kind advice.

Once the system is "full" and properly bled - the fluid shouldnt really go "down" because the steering rack's hydraulically assisted portion can be thought of as a "double ended/acting hydraulic cylinder" - which displaces the same amount of fluid that is pushed into it (by the pump), so the fluid level in the reservoir never really fluctuates much.

As long as the system isnt whining too much and there is power assist, then you probably have nothing to worry about.

Thanks, IZwack. That is somewhat of a relief for this novice.

The resevoir is a bit over-filled. Should I worry about it or try to remove some? Thanks again for your great help.

You can try to remove some fluid (maybe with a spoon? or a turkey baster? just throw it away afterwards). But I dont think there's any danger in having it overfilled.