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possible SAS sticky?

Okay, the SAS has been quite popular on this forum for a while now. Id like to sticky a few good examples, so as to maybe get a guideline on the different ways to do a SAS. I need a good generic thread on radius arm SAS, leaf spring SAS, and any other thing you can come up with.

The general idea is this- have one each of say the radius arm/coil, leaf, 4-link, etc. stickied at the top of the section as a reference. Think of it has a list of "most useful SAS threads" right here in the offroad forum.


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Snowboarder spas ans izwack all have good setups tailored to different things, insane flex, still streatable, and an awsome link setup. think theres somethin to be said for skunk to as its been a round for a while now.

Ive always been a fan of the pumpkin, froder's, and jefes rigs as well