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Post yer 94 pictures

they work really well. My first ride with them was at Callalantee this past spring. It had snowed the night before and so the trails were pretty sloppy. The tires self cleaned very well and never got packed with mud. They also performed flawlessly at URE this summer and I got through some pretty gnarly lines in the rocks there. I DD my rig and they are good on the road too. not too loud for a mud tire and they don't slide all over the place. To date I've only gotten stuck once with them and I think that was because I was unlocked at both ends.

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All great pictures and thanks for all the replies. I enjoyed the thread.

I had to sell ol' Ruby a few months back due to other financial issues not related to her, as I owned her outright. I loved that damn truck and her kick ass thumpin' stereo.

Keep posting them pictures.

I bid you all a good day.:usa::thumbsup:

how mine looks as of yesterday.

4" suspension lift, soa, 3" bl, 31" mudders.... soon to be 35's, 99 interior swap, cai, clearance lights,



I thought i posted on here but i guess not heres mine.


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thats one badass mean looking truck :thumbsup::thumbsup:

He aint kidding!! Dont ever remember seeing it before.


That is one awesome Ex as well. Dig that front bumper and the color scheme.

Seeing all of these I almost forgpt what explorers looked like.

Thanks guys i just built it, i have a thread on here of me doing it, here is a old pic that you might remember my truck.


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These were taken six years ago. . . I have rust on the step rails now. :-(

For years after this picture, this Explorer ran with BF Goodrich 31x10.50 tires, but now it's back the the better gas mileage tires. It looked much better with the bigger tires, but they did throw the speedometer off, and got me a couple speeding tickets. (As if the tickets are somehow the the tires' fault!!)

I have been using this as a service vehicle for appliance repair in Ogden Utah. I am thinking of making it an OFFICIAL company vehicle by tagging it up with the company logo, and some lettering.

Would you ever think about a sas or do you really like the d35? Im asking cuz i need to rebuild my d35 and get a new lift. or do a sas. what do you think?
Sorry TM I don't check here like I used to. On my X I was thinking SAS (HP44), but changed my mind. The 35 is holding up to the 35's, even with the wheeling I do. I'm not that crazy on the skinny pedal though. now on my V-8'd Ranger I'm still wanting to 60 it. Of course I go to a lot more crazy trails with it than I do with my X

My 94s. A little rusty around the edges, but not bad for around here.

The first is an XLT with a 5.5 inch superlift and 33-12.50. Winch coming soon.

Second, my Eddie Bauer converted to a 5 speed.

Finally the Limited is in my shop right now, its getting a complete reseal and maybe new heads. She started burning coolant a few weeks ago. I think some new tires may be in the works too, some BFG ATs to match the Eddie Bauer.


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Its pretty simple to make them look bad. Hit a deer and dont fix it. Or a trucktire like my mom did. Wow.

SOO TRUE! My 94 has dents all on the driver's side. My poor truck has 280k on it though.

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And now we can see what Sparky94's rig looks like :)


Figure if I'm going to post his I might as well post mine.


All clean and shiny!