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Post yer 94 pictures

I clicked through every page on two "lifted" threads. Very nice rides everyone. I own a 94 and I love my truck. I've seen some sweet ass 94's on here. Post yer 94 up in here. Lifted, slammed, bone stock, what have ya.


Heres my 94 I have recently wrapped it red and black I'll put some pics of the new color later

0603201930c.jpg 0603201931_HDR.jpg 0603201928_resized.jpg 0603201929e_resized.jpg 0603201929_resized.jpg 0603201930a.jpg

I like the white face gauges. I had those in my first 92 years ago. I found carbon fiber inserts to go around them and frame off the white in the circle of the gauge. I think you could choose between blue and green backlight only. This was about 2003 or so.