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power accessory on / Running Wires


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April 19, 2012
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Grand Junction, CO
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08 Explorer XLT V8
So iv started to mod and add stuff to my 08 Explorer but iv run into a problem...

Ford did such a nice job running and hiding all the wires in the dash its very hard to add stuff on lol

So iv been trying to find a good point to run some power wires through the firewall (unless you know of good place in the truck) so i can start putting my toys in :D


For my radar detector i like to hook it up to an "power accessory on" 12volts so it turns on by its self also will turn off. iv done that for years in my other cars.

anyone know of a good place to tap into a wire for that?


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find a old antenna from a car or truck.( non telescoping type) cut the ball off the end and sharpen it to a point but not a needle sharp point. then under the hood on the drivers side next to the fender under the master cylinder. you will see the large boot that the factory wires go thru, take the rod and push it thru the outer part of the boot about 1/2 inch away from the wires. the rod will come thru around the parking brake under the dash. now just tape the wires you want to pull to one side of the rod and pull the other end . as far as ignition power use a spdt relay, put battery voltage to the relay and tap the fuse box under the hood for ignition power and use it to activate the coil of the relay. this is the best way to get a high amp circuit for ignition power

With a gps or a radar detector you can either do what he said. or get the wire at the ignition harness, or tap into a cig lighter. These items require little current draw that any of the items i listed would be affected.

use a fuse tap, and tap into #25 under the hood, you can run your wire thru the rubber grommit for the hood cable or the main rubber grommit, I use a fiberglass fish snake.


ok cool thanks guys.
gonna try to get at least my radar detector in before my 1,200mile trip next week.