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Power Antenna Replacement


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October 7, 2010
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Rochester, MN
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98 Explorer Eddie Bauer
I have the power antenna. The motor works fine, but I've already replaced the mast twice. Minnesota winters are hard on them. I'm sick of the power ones breaking, is there a normal non power antenna that I can use instead? One that will just slide right in, without having to fabricate anything?

A normal antenna from a 2nd gen explorer will bolt in with no modifications. I replaced my power antenna (broken) with a manual one, there's one bolt behind the fender skirt and then one large nut at the antenna mast, then the assembly comes right out.

The bolt you refer to behind the fender skirt, is that on the manual antenna? I don't recall taking one off there from the power antenna. I only remember the large bolt on the mast.