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Power Antenna Swap


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October 4, 2007
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Glendale, AZ
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1998 Explorer 4.0 4x4
I have the basic, solid mast radio antenna. It broke off.

Is replacing the solid mast with the power antenna a straight-swap?


(anybody have a power antenna assembly for sale?)

I don't know for sure, but I'd doubt it. The power antenna requires two power leads and a wire that connects to the radio, which tells the antenna to go up or down. I don't think they'd run this wire in every Explorer. Plus your radio may not have the output to tell the antenna to go up and down. The power antenna and associated wiring were probably installed with a premium sound system or so.

Also you'd have to change the antenna cable as well. According to what I see they're not the same.

Plus I think there's a module involved IIRC. But that could be part of the antenna too.


It's easy enough to get to the antenna lead behind the glove box... anyone have luck rerouting the antenna to another location?